Hello my name is Claudia, first of all thank you for having the time to come and visit our page, your support means so much to us.. Im not really good at introductions but here it goes… ☺️

It all started with my husband and I having some spare time during this whole unfortunate pandemic, we had some healing beads and decided to start crafting bracelets 😊
We did not think much of it in the beginning but after listing a few on Etsy, we started receiving incredible feedbacks, it has always been a dream and desire of us to one day own and run a small shop or business.

Since childhood crafting and painting has always been a passion of mine; my husband being involved in the vintage and antique jewelry business has also been an enormeous help and attributer to this cute little shop.

Our shop “ToCa Designs” was named after our two adorable children Thomas (4) & Camila (1), they are our main reason for everything we do, our main inspiration.

We carefully hand pick each stone and combine the colors to match each taste for every person.. but most importantly, every single piece we make is always hoping you enjoy it to the fullest and of course spark a big smile in your face and others around you while wearing it.

We strongly believe in the energy and healing properties a stone can offer by placing them on your body drawing out negative energy.

Thank you each one of you for supporting our small shop it will always mean a lot to us and our little family 💛

With love,